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Maryland society of pathologists

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1. Foster education and research by:

1.  Offering high-quality lectures that feature classification updates, advances in diagnostic techniques, and new clinical and therapeutic applications

2.  Providing in-person and online forums for networking and the exchange of ideas.

2. Liaison with other local, state and national organizations to:

1.  Inform members of changes and trends within the specialty and related sciences.

2.  Provide an venue for the exchange of knowledge between Maryland Society of Pathologists and related groups.

3.  Monitor, support, and respond to state and national legislative actions which affect pathologists.

4. Promote, maintain, and improve the noble standards of the practice of pathology by purposefully exploring and fostering innovative and developmental ideas and projects.

5.  Support the career development of pathology residents and fellows by:

1.  Offering high-quality education

2.  Arranging networking opportunities for research and obtaining a permanent employment position

3.  Showcasing trainee knowledge and talent.

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